Victorian Christmas Stroll (with Dog Art)

Victorian Christmas Stroll

Victorian Christmas Stroll

(with Dog Art) because Feliz Naughty Dog and all that jazz :)

Image result for henry b plant museumIf you read my blog regularly, you will find I stray off the subject of dog training to other dog-related topics or even sort of dog-maybe-ish related topics.  Although I have been accused of being ADD before, I assure you the only type of ADD I am is Abundantly Doggy Dedicated.  Yay acronyms!

Today I was able to take browse the Henry B. Plant Museum's Victorian Christmas Stroll.  The Henry B Plant Museum is located on the University of Tampa in the iconic and historic Tampa Bay Hotel founded in 1891.  This was one of the foundations for Florida's resort reputation and it is an integral part of Tampa's skyline.  Henry B. Plant was a transportation tycoon and you can read more about him and the museum here:
Plant Museum Website

One of the features of this museum that I LOVE is all the doggos interspersed throughout the exhibits.  Before you even walk in you are greeted with:

Dog bronze statue
Au Coup de Fusil (At the Ready) by Eglantine LeMaitre, 1890

A little later into the exhibit you will see another exquisite bronze dog sculpture:
dog bronze statue
Little Red Riding Hood, Also from the Maurice Denonvilliers Foundry where LeMaitre worked

Oh but they outdo themselves with the Victorian Christmas Stroll- if you get a chance to see it, you absolutely should.  My favorite part?  The little dog ornaments, decorations, and caricatures throughout the museum.  Tampa loves its dogs.

dog artLook here- a doggy by the fireplace:
victorian Christmas

Also this lady gets major props for her reading choices (yes, I know she's not real):

Victorian Christmas
Victorian Christmas

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is in my top ten favorite authors...could possibly be number one.  Not only is The Hound of the Baskervilles a dog-lady staple classic, but the single dog lady in me wishes she could marry Sherlock Holmes.  Not Benedict Cumberbatch, although he is quite handsome, but the actual Sherlock Holmes.  Yes I know- we single ladies who read are at a great disadvantage because we know too many fictitious men.  Incidentally my Christmas party t-shirt says "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...Nothing because I'm single."  OK, investing in some mistletoe (and putting it high away from pets because it is toxic to them).  Enough on that subject.

Ooh look at this!  A historic blogger's domain:

Victorian Christmas

Yes please!

Henry B. Plant
Ooh look, Santa is a blogger too!

And here are a few more photos, because they're too cool not to share.  See if you can pick out some doggos in them:

Victorian ChristmasVictorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas
 Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas
 Henry B Plant Museum
Henry B Plant Museum
 Henry B Plant Museum

And this is really cool too.  If you know me, you know I love kids and this is Victorian-kid awesome:

dollhouse Christmas
This dollhouse is bigger than my actual house...definitely fancier
Henry B. Plant Museum
Look at the kid sliding down the stair rail LOL

So I got to geek out a bit today, and wanted to share the holiday hygge love.  The educated (single) dog lady in me does love a spot of culture every now and then. If you get a chance, you should check out the Henry B. Plant Museum.  If you do not live in other geeky tourist activities?  

Feliz Naughty Dog! And of course, Happy Holidays to all of you who are not Christmas-celebrators as well.  The Yule/Winter tradition is a long celebrated time throughout many cultures. 

-Sammy the Dog Trainer


  1. I don't know why but I can't see any of the photos from the museum.

  2. It's probably your browser. Try a different one?

    1. Actually I need to fix it- I copy and pasted the pics and they need to be uploaded.

  3. I can see them now. Well worth seeing. I want to visit this place.


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