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3 Signs Your Dog Does Not Respect You

3 Signs Your Dog Does Not Respect You Filling the Leadership Role Rather Than The Litter Mate Role
Respect is mutual.  To have your dog's respect, you have to do the right things to earn it.  On the other hand, your dog will not understand how to earn your respect unless you teach him or her.  The majority of new puppies I see default into treating their new owners like litter mates rather than their mother, or leadership figure.  These behaviors will continue into adulthood unless you teach them otherwise.  While being a playmate sounds fun, the reality is it can be potentially dangerous for your pet.  Without respect of human leadership figures, dogs can develop into bite risk cases.  Besides, playing with their leader is much more fulfilling psychologically for a dog than playing with their litter mates, so you do not want to cheat your dog out of that facet of life either!

Here are a few signs your dog or puppy does not see you as a leader:

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