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Doggone Good Goodies

Doggone Good Goodies Support Local Business and Have a Healthy Pooch
It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon.  I was wandering around the local Hyde Park Farmer's market, taking in all the sights and smells.  I love the atmosphere of a good local market- it feeds my inner earth mama.  Farmer's markets are grrrrreat field trips for your pup too, by the way.  There are countless teachable moments including walking nicely through crowds and not stealing food from the vendors (or hiking your leg on their booths as my dog had to learn when I first got him).  As I was meandering through the stalls, which were starting to close up early due to the downpour, I spotted a cute paper-mache looking doggy sculpture.  The cute doggo belonged to the Doggone Good Goodies market tent, so naturally I went to go check it out.

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