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The Crying in the Crate Cast- A Podcast on Barking in the Crate

The Crying in the Crate Cast- A Podcast on Barking in the Crate

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Crying in the Crate Cast

Hey everyone welcome to my completely irregular podcast, Dr. Sammy the Dog Trainer waxes political on all things dog.  Actually it’s been a minute because I was actually finishing up my doctorate.  I’m Dr. Sammy the Dog Trainer, now- Yay! One of the members on the committee for my defense dubbed me a Doctor of Dog-ology.  How cool is that?  Anyways I’m super stoked about that and wanted to share.  I was in school for my doctorate for seven years…now I’m like what do I do with myself?  Oh! Make more podcasts. 
So for today’s topic we’re going to talk about the dreaded, super annoying crying in the crate problem.  This is one of the main questions I get from new puppy owners, so I wanted to address it a little bit today.  A lot of times I hear, “oh well she wouldn’t stop crying so I put her in the bed with me” which worked for like a couple weeks until she got adventurous at nigh…


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