Recommended Dog Products

Recommended Dog Products

The Booda ball toy is a great motivator if your dog has a strong prey or play drive.  What I like about it: If you dog is crazy and inhales the ball accidently, it is all one piece and you can pull it back out again.  This is a favorite at my Schutzhund club.

UPDATED:  I've just ordered this instead of compressed air for sound correction.

**New Update** So I tend to keep breaking these bike pumps so I've switched to computer dusters instead.  You can also get the pet version.  The pet version comes in multiple sizes.  Below I listed the smallest size- convenient for pocketing.  The compressed air for computer cleaning is a bit bulkier.

I feed my dog Taste of the Wild.  Orijen is another great food, but pricey.  Science Diet is always recommended by vets as Hills is renowned for their robust research program.  Natural Balance Limited Ingredient food is a good one for dogs with sensitive stomachs or possible food allergies.

My dog worships his Chuckit!  The balls do not have tennis ball fabric and glue on them, so you do not have to worry as much about your dog rolling the ball in his mouth and wearing down his teeth.

In case you have a problem losing your balls at night, here is a glow in the dark Chuckit!

Here are my go-to treats for training.  It's smooshable for quick treating and the dogs go nuts over it.  Just slice off a circle and go. Even the pickiest treat connoisseurs love  food rolls:

I only recommend non-shock bark collars.  They can be a useful tool to break a neurotic barking cycle or to correct barking when you are not home.  I have tried several thus far and this one has worked the best.

**UPDATE** I found this great innovation for the Herm Sprenger collars that makes it easier to take on and off.  I never recommend quick release mechanisms, but this buckle snap is heavy duty, well constructed and won't interfere with the functionality of the collar.  I got one for my dog and I love it!

Herm sprenger is a brand that has been around in dog training ever since I can remember.  The reason is they make a great prong collar.  Even the small sizes are sturdy.  I do not recommend the quick release on any prong collar, but Herm Sprenger's standard prong is second to none.

These heavy duty steel doggy playpens are a lifesaver.  You can customize the size and it keeps your puppy away from baseboards and electric wires but still gives her room to grow in her housebreaking. I do not recommend these if your dog is a climber, as their paws and legs can get stuck.  Remember to pick an appropriate height for your dog, I usually recommend 38-42 inches unless your dog is small.  They come in 8 or 16 panel packages.

This is a great counter-surfing deterrent

Here is something to help comfort your young puppy at night.  I don't usually recommend this for older dogs because they will want to shred it rather than snuggle it, but it's great for new puppies missing their littermates.


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