The Jumping Cast- A Podcast on How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping on You

The Jumping Cast- A Podcast on How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping on You


Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Sammy the Dog Trainer back after a bit of a hiatus writing books.  Those take quite a bit of time to produce so my podcasts have been on the backburner.  I wanted to throw a new one in there just for the fun of it though so today we’re going to talk about jumping on people.

I have a confession—I have a dog that jumps on people. Gasp!  Cue murmuring and intrigue in the background.  When I first got him, he would reach up ever so gently and give me the sweetest hug when I got home and kiss my face.  I admit it.  I loved it.  So I didn’t correct it. 

But, and here’s the big but…he wants to do that to everyone.  It’s a lot of work keeping after him so he does not “hug” everyone who comes through my door.  Now, that being said, if you like that hug, you wait for that lovely engulfment of fur and love when you walk through the door at the end of a hard day, then by all means, let your dog do it.  It’s your dog.  Your family.  Your house.  Your life.  I’m a big proponent of doing what is right for you and your dog.

Hah I’ve actually lost potential clients because Whuffo has hugged them, but that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s talk about if you don’t want your dog to jump on people.
First of all, I institute a “Four on the Floor” rule.  What this means is the dog does not get any positive attention when he does not have four feet on the ground.  This can mean going back and forth between Yay! And ignore you or No! (depending on your training choices) rapidly.  That’s ok.  Your dog learns in the moment.  If at the moment he jumps on you the good things suddenly cease and a bad thing happens, then he’ll learn quickly.

What do I mean by a bad thing?  I have learned that sound corrections are the most effective way to handle jumping.  What I mean by sound corrections is something like compressed air (like Pet Corrector) or a computer duster, an empty soda can with pennies shaken at them, or a Doggie Don’t (which makes a taser sound but isn’t actually a taser because…yeah I work with families a lot and parents don’t really want Johnny tasing Susie.

When the jumping happens, the bad sound happens.  When the sitting or “Four on the Floor” happens, the good things happen.  Pretty simple.  Some people would say my method is cruel because I startle the dog into doing the correct behavior.  Meh.  If you don’t like it, don’t do it.  If you like results, then you can decide as a fully functioning adult, to listen to the Dr. Dog Trainer Lady.  Choices.  You have them in pet parenting.  So use your judgement.

That being said there are way worse ways to deal with jumping that I do not espouse.  One of the good ole’ boy techniques that I have heard of and used to be quite common in dog training until people developed morals and compassion was stomping on your dog’s foot every time he or she jumps on you.  People- DO NOT do this!  The foot is full of tiny little delicate bones.  Stomping on that over and over is hugely risky and your dog will probably end up with foot injuries.  Try the sound correction instead.  It’s way more effective.  And nicer.

So let’s go on a little sidebar here.  I got a text from one of my lady friends one day asking me to join her at the dog park.  So I loaded Whuffo up and met her there.  Turns out she was in the middle of a blind date and she wanted my opinion of the guy.  Well, in the process of the date, right in front of my friend and I, the dude kicked a puppy.  Like…literally kicked a puppy.  I don’t know what is happening to the dating population but seriously people…if you’re on a date, or even if you’re not on a date, don’t kick a puppy!  Some people literally need weeded out of the gene pool.

But anyways I can imagine that Puppy Kicker Date Guy would probably espouse the stomp-on-your-dog’s-foot method.  Don’t be Puppy Kicker Date Guy.
What about putting your knee up?  To be honest I do that just to block the onslaught.  It seems like most dogs want to punch me right in my lady parts, so I put a knee up the guard against that.  But it doesn’t fix the problem.  Again, try the compressed air, or even a squirt bottle.  Unless you dog loves being squirted with a squirt bottle.  Logically then, you wouldn’t want to use that to correct jumping because he’ll think that game is super fun and keep on keeping on.  Doggie Don’t, soda can with pennies…even a duck call can sometimes be effective. Cymbals.  Pots and pans.  Go for it.  Just don’t accidently hit your dog.  Or purposefully hit your dog.  Cause Karma and Hell and stuff.

Let’s dispel another myth- your dog does not jump on you because he or she wants to dominate you.  That’s a rumor leftover from dominance-based training which has been considered well obsolete. Most of the time, your dog is just excited to see you and does not know how to appropriately go about getting the attention he or she wants from you.  So you teach your dog.  Show him or her what behaviors (like sitting or laying down for a tummy rub) will get them all the attention and closeness they desire when you greet them.

Ok so to recap- don’t abuse your dog and try sound corrections for jumping.  There you go.  And if you’re feeling generous and like these podcasts please consider sponsoring this one and also, check out my books on Amazon.  They aren’t dog related but they’re super fun.  The Deliverance Series by Samantha Schinder.  Also check out for all that doggy and travel good stuff.

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