Morning Coffee with Dr. Sammy the Dog Trainer

Morning Coffee with Dr. Sammy the Dog Trainer

On sale for a limited time for $5.00

Have a pressing dog training question? Don't live in the Tampa area but want to pick Dr. Sammy's dog-expert brain? Only have a limited amount of funds, but really need straight answers to your dog questions? Get access to Dr. Sammy in a relaxed online setting where you can chat with her about your dogs, gripes, complaints, joys.

Event Dates:
Thursday June 6 10 am
Saturday June 8 10 am
Sunday June 9 10 am

If this becomes a success we'll do even more! :)

Once you've paid, email with your preferred coffee date.  She will email you back with a link and password.

Easy peasy!

If you're having issues- email the same account and we will get back to you!


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