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Dog Training Services


Our philosophy at Camp Sammy is no packages, no sales pitches, and you only pay lesson by lesson.  This way you only pay for the number of lessons you actually need, scheduling is super flexible, and we can make sure I'm the right fit as a dog trainer for you without investing a ton of money.  Our business focus is on quality training and not marketing.  We pride ourselves in honest, upfront, simple business practices and making dog training affordable for everyone.  Thank you for supporting a small, veteran-owned local business.
For dog training services in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida:

Private Lessons at your home: $60
The lessons last an hour to an hour and half.  You can work with as many dogs as you would like in the session.  You are present the whole time because this is a class for you just as much as for your dog!

Boarding per night: $35
In my home.  If they are housebroken they can sleep on the couch :)  Must be safe around other dogs.  

Daycare: $20 per day

Board and train per night: $55

Adding training to boarding: $20 per training day

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We are fully insured. 

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-Sammy the Dog Trainer


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