Four Helpful Points of Consideration for First-Time Pet Owners

first time pet owners

Four Helpful Points of Consideration for First-Time Pet Owners 

By Jessica Brody

Owning a pet can be an exciting time. However, picking your favorite animal and buying the cheapest food does not make you a responsible owner. Here are a few points to bear in mind when you start caring for your new companion.

Type and Breed

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save 30% on gps smart dog collarWhen choosing what kind of pet you’ll get, you need to think beyond your own immediate desires. You may want a big dog, but if you live in a studio apartment on the fifth floor, it may not be practical. There are many considerations . What sort of lifestyle do you lead? If your idea of fun isn’t taking a dog out twice a day for at least 30 minutes of exercise, perhaps a cat is a more ideal companion. They are fluffy, cuddly and often, just as loving as dogs. What sort of allergies do you need to consider in your household? What can you afford? Not only is there an adoption fee to consider, but you need to buy the right kind of gear, as well as take your new pet to the vet for their first check-up. Ongoing medical expenses must be factored into your budget. Do some research to see how much it costs total up front for the pet you are envisioning. If you have questions, shelter workers are full of information.  Avoid pet stores and be wary of breeders.  Do your homework if buying a pet. This website encourages you to adopt and rescue instead!

How to Prepare

It’s good to prepare your home before the big day of your pet’s arrival. Start by making your home a safe place for a new pet. Don’t have electrical cords lying around where a dog might chew them up, or a cat might claw them. Have all chemicals and cleaning agents inaccessible. Be certain that their food is out of reach. The last thing you want is your new pet breaking into their food bag, overeating and getting sick. Prepare everyone at your home for the arrival, and make sure they know what the rules will be for your new companion, and how to enforce them. If only half of the household tells your new friend he or she can’t sit on the couch, your pet may become confused and eventually act out. Make sure you have the right gear as well. This includes a food and water bowl, enrichment toys, waste bags or litter boxes, a collar and leash, grooming items and a place for them to sleep.
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Animals, especially if you have a rescue, may be nervous or fearful at first. This is a new situation with a new group of people. It may take time for new pets to adjust. You can help them feel at home and bond with them in a few ways. Every kind of pet will need different techniques. For instance, cats may need more space than dogs. Cats need their alone time, so try to have an area of the house that is just for them. This will actually help them feel safe, and bond with you in turn. Dogs, however, have different bonding needs. While they should have a space of their own where they can retreat to be alone, like their own crate, they will need much more active time with you. Both animals will benefit from toys and you playing with them. Grooming is also an excellent way to get closer to your new friend.

Companion Animals

Humans are pack animals. We thrive when we have a community to care for, and to care for us. A companion animal can go a long way in helping those of us who need a little extra support.  For example those in addiction recovery, who often suffer from loneliness and isolation when they cut ties with former friends to avoid relapse could benefit from animal companionship. Pets can fill the part of our lives that seems empty. They can teach us how to trust again, as well as give us the affection many of us crave. They help combat depression and anxiety, and dogs especially can be a good motivator for exercise. The help of a companion animal is often invaluable.

Pets can make life better. They’re fun, loving, and but also a source of responsibility. With some proper planning, you can a prepared, responsible pet owner.

Author Bio:
Jessica is a dog lover! She's always believed that dogs are the best creatures on earth. She likes to write about pets and share photos and stories about them.


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