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Whoa Nifty Dog Products

If you're a Sammythedogtrainer follower, you know I love thumbs and all the cool inventions that go along with having them.  You also know I am a huge proponent of small business and entrepreneurship, so every now and then I like to take a gander at some of the coolest dog innovations I see out there on the market.

Just so you know, I may receive a small commission for any products bought through these links but it's of no cost to you either way- so shop on my dog parents!


Here is a cool little doo-dad to keep your pooch occupied while you are bathing him.  As a dog trainer, I love that this makes the bath a more positive experience!  I have talked with this company before and they are A+.

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Come See What We Found
Soggy Doggy

These mats and towels by Soggy Doggy are simply amazing for trapping the mud on those rainy days when Fido wants to splash in puddles...but you don't want it following him inside.  This is a great price for an XL one too!


Again with the baths...a necessary evil.  This contraption looks pretty cool as you can suds up your pooch will you spread out the soap.

A Doggy Rain Poncho!

Ermagerd how cute is this!?  I saw one of these the other day during one of Tampa's infamous torrential downpours.  The dog look styling and and dry, not to mention loved all the attention she got in her super fashionable apparel.

Automatic Ball Machine??? iFetchToo

How about this number, now in a large size.  It used to be just for the smaller ones.  This reminds me of a flyball machine.  Flyball is a super fun sport you can do with your ball obsessed pooch.  It might take a little training to show you dog how to drop the ball in the machine at first, but man, this could be super rewarding.  This one is going on my dog's Christmas list for sure.

Puzzle Toys and Bowls

As a dog trainer, I love the cognitive stimulus given by puzzle toys and bowls.  Dogs wear out surprisingly fast when they are using their barker brains.


Cod fishes...this is so Iceland

Yak Charms!

More Yak variations- this one is supposed to be less stinky


This is a cool one if you have a super tiny dog or one whose weight you are watching.  It comes in a variety of lickable flavors including free range chicken, run-a-way frank, sweet potato, and PB&J time.

Some Safety Stuff

Reflective collars and LED leashes sound like a good idea as these days are getting shorter and Fluffy's walk might start bleeding into the darker hours.

Grooming and Hair Tumbleweed Management

The ever present battle against dog hair.  We wage war each day.  Here are a couple ways you can have some victories under your belt and not as many hitchhiking dog hairs.  Look for an article soon on how I wage war against the fur at Camp Sammy in Tampa.

Anti-static Spray

One of the most annoying things about colder weather is pet hair clinging to every surface because of static electricity.  Check out this all natural, hypoallergenic spray solution from a company based in Colorado!

And of course, last but certainly not least is this gem:

A Selfie Tool for Dogs

Because it's all about the pics...

Happy shopping and thanks for listening to all the commercialism.  It's all in the name of small business!

Sammy the Dog Trainer

P.S.  Tried any of these products?  Let us know your honest opinion!  Comment below!  At Sammythedogtrainer we are interested in providing the best possible information for our readers, so let us know.


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