New Housebreaking Online Course


New Housebreaking Online Course

We just published our new online course,  "Housebreaking 101."  I noticed a lot of housebreaking is academic in nature, so I wanted to be able to provide useful housebreaking techniques to a wide audience, not just my clients in the Tampa Bay Area.  Learning how to successfully housebreak your dog can literally keep you sane, especially with the holidays coming up.

You can get it through our website under Online Courses and Materials or

Click this Link.

**UPDATE:  Our course is now live on Udemy as well:

Or search for Housebreaking Your Puppy or Dog 101 on the Udemy site or app.

We will also have the course available on Udemy as well.  I will let you know when the Udemy version is up and running.
Cyber Monday Sale! Courses start at $9.99 each
Love to you all and thanks for supporting small, veteran-owned business.

Sammy the Dog Trainer


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