Dog Themed Chalkboard Back-splash for the Kitchen

Chalkboard back-splash

Chalkboard Kitchen Back-splash

Anything Can Be Dog Themed

(If you are determined and crazy enough)

My name is Sammy the Dog Trainer, and I am a chalkboard style addict. I cannot help it. It is so cute and so easy to customize (dog-ize)! I am going to put a couple posts on here with some of my chalkboard like projects with a dog theme. Here is the first in the series.

My dog boarding business is run out of my home.  This is also my first home that I own, so of course I was overly excited to change anything and everything in the home.  Luckily or not, my budget did not agree with my fantasies, but I have slowly been doing projects over the years to make my home business more adogable (adorable?  I like making new words).

Back splashes are expensive!  As a new house owner, I was not impressed with the price tags associated with them.  I was planning on putting one in myself (yay capable single women) but the materials were still crazy expensive.  And then....inspiration.  In the form of my obsession with chalkboards.

Here is what you need:
Chalkboard paint (I used spray paint)
Painters Tape
Chalkboard Markers

Tape up everything you do not want to spray.  Open the windows.  Put your mask on.  Spray away.  I ended up using two cans of the spray paint for my small kitchen.  I let it dry overnight.  Then I decorated with fun dog-messages such as:

Please excuse my terrible photography skillz

There is no need to let me know the dogs cannot read, but it's still funny.

Actually a select few border collies can read, but that is beside the point.

When the spirit moves me, I just spray it down with some Windex, wipe, and redo! I found the chalkboard liquid markers work a lot better than plain chalk, but I also have textured concrete walls, so that could be part of it.  I like how the markers stand out.

This is just one of the chalkboard projects I will share with you guys (can you tell I'm from the Midwest?).  I like to break up my academic style posts with fun project posts like this. For my dog-nerds out there, do not worry, there will be many more encyclopedic posts to come.  Although to get the full scoop (of poop?), watch for our book to come out soon (when we find a publisher....which is a work in progress).  The book is written though!


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