Dog Portal Windows

dog fence window

Dog Portal Windows

Fun For Your Furry Fence Defender

(We love alliteration at Camp Sammy)

I am always looking for a fun project to make the business cuter or just because I'm probably hyperactive.  My neighbor suggested I find a way to let the dogs see out of the window so that they would not bark as passersby.  I told him they would still bark (dog trainer here).  I should have wagered money on it.  Now they have cool windows to stick their cute little faces in while they bark like maniacs.  

Oh, I could stop the mayhem if I chose, but you pick your battles.  Like 3 am.  I make them not bark at 3 am.  Because as dog loving and friendly as my neighbors are, I still do not want to subject them to my dogs' baying and barking at the moon.  Just to clarify again THIS WILL NOT STOP BARKING.  It will only make your dogs happy...and also you, because it's so fun.
dog portal
The Whuffster peering out from his post
dog fence window
I put in two because if it's good once, then it's good more times!  Yay dog logic!

I bought acrylic windows from Amazon (see the list below for some suggestions).  They were a bit pricey, but they were made specifically for this and they are super sturdy.  They hold up to 80 lbs of shouting shepherd shenanigans hellbent on harassing harrowing hazarding hounds.  OK now the alliteration is getting to be too much.

I used my Skil jigsaw (see list below) to cut the appropriate size hole in the fence.  Hint: do not trace around the outside edge of the window because then the hole will be too big.  Was I going to do that?  You bet I was.  My neighbor caught me before I made a nasty mistake in the fence.  Did I mention my neighbors are great?  So yes, just the inside diameter of the window.  

Then I used my portable drill to drill pilot holes and then screw the windows in place.

Here is a list of stuff, but shop around.  I think they might have some windows for cheaper, but make sure to read the reviews to ensure their sturdiness.  The two pack option below is the one I ordered and it holds up well.

You do have to Windex the dog snot off the windows every now and then, but hey.  That's life with dogs.  Oh and I saw this on Pinterest and it is so happening next:

Dog fence meme
dog mural

Sammy the Dog Trainer


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