Thanksgiving for Your Dog: A Feast for the Beasts

thanksgiving for pets

Thanksgiving for Your Dog

A Feast for the Beasts!

Here at Camp Sammy, we are so thankful for all our furry friends and the lovely people the come with them.  I love the package deal- I get fur friends and people friends all in one!  Without our amazing clientele, my small business would not be a business at all.  The support I have received from all of you throughout the years has been the foundation on which I have built my life.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

dog thanksgivingAt Camp Sammy we love to celebrate!  We celebrate howlidays and birthday pawrties.  Heck- most of us are dogs- we do not need a real occasion to celebrate!  We will just keep on celebrating.  So of course we celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast!

There are a couple rules I follow when making my doggy Thanksgiving dinner.  The first is to wait until it's cool to feed it to the doggies.  No burned tongues here!  The second is to use boneless meat without a lot of salt in it.  The sodium is not great for the dogs, but the little bones that can be in poultry can be deadly.  Make sure to check!  The third is that when I am cooking for dogs, I do not use seasonings and what not to flavor the food.  It's different when I cook people food- watch out! 
The essence of the meat is enough for your pampered pooch.  I've included some of the feasts for beasts I have made at Camp Sammy over the years in the pictures.  I am a big fan of unseasoned eggs.  They're great for your doggy and delicious too!  Also, if you are making the feast one of their main meals, include some of their kibble so that they get all those good vitamins and minerals too.  Other things I will include in my doggy feast: wet canned food or dog food toppers, cheese, plain yogurt, natural peanut butter (no artificial ingredients especially fake sugar which is harmful to dogs), doggy biscuits, low sodium gravy or no sodium beef/chicken/turkey stock, and of course turkey slices.
dog thanksgiving
Always separate your dogs while chowing down on the celebratory meal.  Unlike all of us gathered at the table, all of them gathered at the table could mean doggy scuffles over dishes.  Well, maybe that is not unlike us humans :)

dog thanksgivingAgain, thank you so much for your support of Camp Sammy, this new blog, my PhD work with canines, and my book that I'm attempting to publish.  Without you guys, there would be no Camp Sammy.  This veteran is ever so thankful for each and every one of you.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,
Sammy the Dog Trainer


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